Three 5.25" device bay to five 3.5" SAS-12G / SATA-6Gbit/s trayless hot-swap cage

■ Fits five 3.5" SAS-12G/SATA-6Gbit/s drives in three 5.25" device bay

■ Adjustable drive status LED and fan control system

■ Trayless & screwless design

■ Individual metal key lock for each drive for extra security

■ All aluminum body with beautiful hairline brushed finish

■ Independent drive status LED

■ Built-in cooling fan for excellent heat dissipation

■ Fully supports Hot-Swap function

Fit into three 5.25” device bay
Support up to SAS 12G/ SATA 6Gbit/s device
Trayless & screwless design
Fully supports Hot-Swap function
Individual metal key lock for each drive for extra security


Model No.
Color Black
Material Aluminum and front bezel with plastic clip button
Form factor 5.25” drive bay x 3**
Drive support 5 x 3.5” SAS*/SATA HDD or SSD
Transfer rate Up to 12 Gbit/s (dependent on drive speed)
Host interface 7-Pin SATA connector x 5 or SAS* primary channel connection
Power connector SATA 15-Pin x 2
Drive tray security Triangle metal key lock design
LED indicator Power ON : Blue
Accessing : Purple blinking
Number of key 2
Switch button Fan speed:High/Low
Cooling fan 80mm fan x 1, 3000rpm
Net weight 1.40kg
Dimension 146mm (W) x 126mm (H) x 199mm (D)
5.75" (W) x 4.96" (H) x 7.83" (D)

* Your system must have SAS controller if you want to use SAS HDD.
* Hard drive capacity and RAID support is dependent on SAS or SATA controller used.
** FS305-12G is designed for maximum space utilization. In order for it to fit five 3.5” drive bays into the space of three 5.25” bays, its sides are flat with no cutouts for fitting between 5.25” bays with protruding lip or brackets. Therefore, please make sure your case has 5.25” bays that are also flat on the inside with no protrusions. If not, please consider using FS303 or FS304 instead.

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