■ 180 degree combo connector eliminates interference with adjacent drives

■ Heat shrink molds for insulation protection

■ Integrated tantalum capacitors provide stable voltage

■ Includes LED indicators



Model No. SST- CP13
Color Black
Connectors Input Connectors:
1 x Standard 15pin SATA power connector
1 x Standard 7pin SATA data connector
Output Connector:
1 x 180° combo SATA 15pin power connector & SATA 7pin data connector (22pin)
Capacitor size 470μF
Transmitting Speed 6Gb/s
Cable length Data cable 500mm, power cable 100mm
Remark :
* Both LED indicators should light up when powered with or without drive connected. If not, then please disconnect it immediately and return the cable back to place of purchase within warranty period.

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