■ Extend cable length of existing power supply

■ Every wire is individually sleeved

■ Compatible with all PSU’s

    PP07 cable list :
  Connectors Black Red White Black/blue Black/gold Black/red
  1 x 4pin to 4 x SATA connectors PP07-BTSB PP07-BTSR PP07-BTSW PP07-BTSBA PP07-BTSBG PP07-BTSBR
  1 x 8pin to EPS12V 8pin(4+4) connector PP07-EPS8B PP07-EPS8R PP07-EPS8W PP07-EPS8BA PP07-EPS8BG PP07-EPS8BR
  1 x 6pin to PCIe 6pin connector PP07-IDE6B PP07-IDE6R PP07-IDE6W PP07-IDE6BA PP07-IDE6BG PP07-IDE6BR
  1 x Motherboard 24pin connector PP07-MBB PP07-MBR PP07-MBW PP07-MBBA PP07-MBBG PP07-MBBR
  1 x 8pin to PCIe 8pin(6+2) connector PP07-PCIB PP07-PCIR PP07-PCIW PP07-PCIBA PP07-PCIBG PP07-PCIBR


Model No. SST-PP07-PCIBR
Color Black/Red
Connectors 1 x 8pin to PCI-E 8pin(6+2) connector
Length 250mm
Wire gauge 16 AWG
Remark :

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