■ Brilliant LED available in Red/ white/ blue/ green

■ Flexible strip allows greater adaptation to any surface

■ Include multiple power connector for easy connection

■ Supports daisy chaining multiple light strips

■ Include adhesive tape for easy installation



Model No. SST-LS01R (red)
SST-LS01W (white)
SST-LS01A (azure blue)
SST-LS01V (verdant green)
Color Red / white / blue / green
Material Plastic strip with 15 LED(3.6W) and adhesive tape
Connectors Peripheral to LED 4pin connector x 1
4pin daisy chain connector x 1
Length 300mm
Operating system support 12V
Weight 22g
Remark :
Note: When installing the peripheral to LED 4pin connector, you can connect the LED 4pin connector to either side of LS01. The maximum number of LS01 that can be daisy chained at once is 5.


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