■ Design super mini empreinte sans câbles ou ventilateurs sur les quatre côtés

■ Large espace pour le refroidissement du processeur (82mm de hauteur)

■ Plots surélevés pour les composants situés à l’arrière de la carte mère

■ Comprend un ventilateur Pénétrateur d'air de 140mm et supporte un refroidisseur liquide d'entrée de gamme

■ Supporte jusqu'à deux disques durs/SSD 2,5" et un disque dur 3,5"

■ Compatible avec les cartes mères Mini-DTX / Mini-ITX et les alimentations SFX

■ Compatible avec les cartes d’extension de 10 pouces (254mm)


Graphic card length reference:
ATI Radeon HD 4850/4830 - 9”
NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT - 9"
NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT/GSO - 9"
NVIDIA GeForce 8800GS/GT/GTS - 9"
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 - 10"



Modèle N° SST-FT03B-MINI (Noir)
SST-FT03S-MINI (Argent)
Matériau utilisé Coque externe en aluminium, châssis en acier, châssis en acier
Carte mère Mini-DTX, Mini-ITX
Baies Externe 12.7mm lecteur optique slim x 1
Interne 3.5” x 1 , 2.5”x2
Systeme de refroidissement façade --
Arrière --
Côté --
Dessus --
Le fond 1 x 140mm Air Penetrator fan, 1500rpm
Interne --
Emplacement d’extension 2
Ports E/S en façade USB 3.0 x 2
Audio x 1
MIC x 1
Alimentation 1 x standard SFX en option
Carte graphique Compatible avec les cartes d'extension jusqu'à 10" (254mm), la restriction de largeur – 5,11" (129mm)
Limitation du refroidisseur de l'unité centrale 82mm
Limitation d'unités d'alimentation électrique SFX PSU
Poids net 4.7kg
Dimensions 188.9mm(W)x 397mm(H)x235.1mm(D), 17.6 litres


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Describe Ver Taille Téléchargement
FT03-MINI manual v1.0 4,576 KB
FT03-MINI High resolution photos 2,120 KB
FT03-MINI eDM (FR-FT03-MINI-EDM.pdf)   293 KB

CP08 SATA III cable with non-scratch locking mechanism and 90° connector plus...
CLEARCMOS Get a SST-CLEARCMOS add-on to conveniently clear CMOS without opening the case. plus...
AR06 Advanced low-profile heatsink with Heat-pipe direct contact (HDC) technology plus...
NT06-PRO CPU cooler designed for SFF. plus...
ST45SF SFX ST45SF is smaller and has shorter cables to enable additional room inside the case plus...
ST45SF-G SFX PSU with 80 PLUS Gold efficiency and 100% modular cables plus...
SX500-G L'alimentation électrique SFX standard de référence plus...
SX600-G Une nouvelle étape pour le format SFX plus...
SX650-G L'alimentation électrique SFX standard de référence plus...
SOD03 Lecteur optique 9,5mm SATA Slot load 8x CD/DVD-RW plus...
Many Mini-ITX motherboards are currently designed based off of Intel’s reference layout, which means the CPU is likely positioned too close to the PCI Express slot and limits the size of CPU coolers that can be installed. Normally if the same size fan is used, a high-end air cooler is more efficient than liquid cooler. However, Mini-ITX motherboard restrictions usually limit air coolers that use 92mm fan or smaller so liquid coolers would have the advantage in the FT03-MINI as the radiator is installed in the bottom of the case and not limited by the space around CPU area. We can fully recommend using liquid cooler in the FT03-MINI as an alternative, our internal testing also shows liquid coolers to perform better than air coolers within the FT03-MINI.
There are two main types of heat pipes used in popular aftermarket coolers, they are groove and powder. Groove heat pipes are very susceptible to gravity while powder heat pipes are less so. To achieve best performance in either heat pipe technology, they need to be placed horizontally or have the heat source side located below the other end of the heat pipe. We recommend choosing and installing components with heat pipes carefully by taking into consideration of the following examples:


The orientation of an enthusiast motherboard in a normal ATX case

The orientation of an enthusiast motherboard in the FT03-MINI

As the illustrations above show, most enthusiast motherboards with heat pipes will work fine in the FT03-MINI, the heat source is located below other parts of the heat pipe.
CPU cooler:
Horizontal style cooler

Good orientation Good orientation Bad orientation

Many CPU coolers can be rotated when installing on motherboards, the illustration here shows a SilverStone NT06-E

VGA cooler

The illustration here shows a VGA cooler that will not work well in the FT03-MINI because the heat source side (touching the GPU) ends up being located higher than the other end.