■ Positive pressure design for effective dust reduction

■ Support eight expansion slots and extra long graphic cards up to 17 inches (431mm)

■ Classically styled 7mm thick aluminum front panel

■ Quick access and removal for fan filters

■ Smart backside cable routing design

■ Motherboard back plate opening for quick CPU cooler assembly

■ Support up to nine 3.5” hard drives and multiple 2.5” drive slots

■ Built-in innovative hard drive cooler

■ Includes two custom SATA cable for improved cable management



Model No. SST-TJ04B-E (Black)
SST-TJ04B-EW (Black + Window)
Material 7mm aluminum front panel, steel body
Motherboard SSI-CEB, ATX (up to 12” x 10.9”), Micro-ATX
Drive bay External 5.25" x 4
Internal 3.5" x 9 (optional 3.5” x 8 + 2.5” x 1), 2.5” x 6
Cooling system Front --
Rear 1 x 120mm exhaust fan, 1200rpm, 21dBA
Side Right:1 x 120mm intake fan, 1200rpm, 21dBA
Right:1 x 120mm fan slot (optional)
Top 1 x 120mm intake fan, 1200rpm, 21dBA
1 x 120mm / 140mm fan slot (optional)
Bottom 1 x 120mm fan slot (optional)
Internal --
Radiator support Front N/A
Rear 120mm x 1
Top 120mm x 1 / 240mm x 1
Bottom N/A
Expansion slot 8
Front I/O port USB 3.0 x 2 (backward compatible with USB 2.0)
audio x 1
MIC x 1
Power supply Standard PS2(ATX) *1
Expansion card *Compatible up to 17" (431mm) long, width restriction-6.14" (155mm)
Limitation of CPU cooler 168mm
Limitation of PSU Unlimited *1
Net weight 9.6kg
Dimension 214mm(W)x489mm(H)x489mm(D), 51.2 liters
8.43" (W) x 19.25" (H) x 19.25" (D), 51.2 liters
Extra Support Kensington locks

*1 – If bottom fan or 2.5” SSD is installed, the maximum depth for PSU is 180mm (or 160mm with extra cabling room), otherwise there are no depth limitations.
*2 – If hard drive is installed in front of the cards, the length limitation is 12.8 inches (325mm).


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The TJ04-E has a unique 5cm spacing designed between the drive cage and the intake fan, which enables cool air to flow directly onto installed hard drive’s aluminum surface. This design has been validated by SilverStone’s R&D team through repeated thermal testing to be fully capable in coping with fully installed cage. The extra 5cm spacing also allows TJ04-E’s graphics card cooling to be unaffected by the number of hard drives installed.
The hard drive fan and hard drive noises can leak out through the right intake vents so we recommend placing your PC to your right side to turn away the noise source.
The extra space there is designed for cable storage. If you are using a non-modular power supply, you can store extra cables there. Even if you use modular power supply, you can still store unused cables in the extra space to avoid misplacing them.
You may install the radiator where the top fan is located. Since installing the radiator there will interfere with a large CPU air cooler, the radiator must be used for CPU cooling.
This is to avoid hard drive’s connected SATA cables interfering with long graphics cards
If you install multiple high-speed hard drives in the TJ04-E, attaching heat sink onto hard drives can help cool them more effectively. The heat sinks are not made for fanless cooling, they still need fans for maximum cooling efficiency. Please make sure all screws are tightly secured to ensure the best possible conduction cooling. There is no need to apply thermal grease between hard drives and heat sinks as it does not improve cooling performance from testing we have conducted.
This is absolutely to be avoided. The custom SATA cable connectors are designed to facilitate cabling and reduce clutter with multiple SATA devices. Each cable from power supply has limited capacity to handle the combined current draw from multiple hard drives so we highly recommend connect one custom SATA cable with a single power cable from the power supply