■ Цельная конструкция корпуса, унаследованная из флагманской модели Temjin TJ07

■ Изящный дизайн, отличная эргономика

■ Пара 180-мм бесшумных вентиляторов, обеспечивающих тихую работу и отличное охлаждение

■ Минимум заклепок для удобства обслуживания

■ Гибкость при размещении дисков, подключаемый в горячем режиме SATA-адаптер


For more information about positive air pressure,
please refer to : what is positive air pressure
  FT01 can support 10.5” consumer level graphics cards.
The support for this type of cards does not require HDD cage to be removed.
    FT01 can support 12” workstation level graphics cards.
To support such long cards, the middle HDD cage must to be removed.

Graphic card length reference:
NVIDIA Quadro FX5600 / AMD FireGL V8600/8650 - 12"
NVIDIA GeForce GTX280/260 - 10.5“
NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX/9800GTX+ - 10.5“
AMD Radeon HD 4870X2 - 10.5 "
NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT/9600GT/GTO - 9"
AMD Radeon HD 4870/4850 - 9 "
If an expansion card is longer than 10.5", the middle HDD cage needs to be removed, please refer to the Q&A section for more information.


Технические характеристики

Модель № SST-FT01B (Черный), SST-FT01B-USB3.0 (Черный)
SST-FT01S (Серебристый), SST-FT01S-USB3.0 (Серебристый)
SST-FT01B-W (Черный+ окошком), SST-FT01B-W-USB3.0 (Черный+ окошком)
SST-FT01S-W (Серебристый+ окошком), SST-FT01S-W-USB3.0 (Серебристый+ окошком)
Материал цельная алюминиевая внешняя рама и алюминиевый корпус 3,0 мм ~ 6,0 мм
Материнская плата ATX, Micro-ATX
Отсек для дисковода Внешний 5,25" x 5
Внутренний 3,5" (Совместимость с 2,5-дюймовым приводом) x 7
Система охлаждения Передняя всасывающий вентилятор 180 мм, 700 об./мин., 18 дБ – 1 шт.
Задняя вытяжной вентилятор 120 мм, 900 об./мин., 18 дБ – 1 шт.
Боковая --
Верхняя всасывающий вентилятор 180 мм, 700 об./мин., 18 дБ – 1 шт.
Нижняя --
Внутренний --
Слоты расширения 7
Передний порт ввода/вывода USB 2.0 - 2шт(SST-FT01B, SSTFT01S, SST-FT01B-W, SST-FT01S-W only)
USB 3.0 - 2шт(SST-FT01B-USB3.0, SSTFT01S-USB3.0, SST-FT01B-W-USB3.0, SST-FT01S-W-USB3.0 only)
IEEE1394 - 1шт
Audio - 1шт
MIC - 1шт
Электропитание Дополнительно - стандарта PS2(ATX) (1 шт.)
Графические карты Поддержка карт расширения длиной до 12" (304 мм), Ограничение по ширине – 6,85" (173 мм)
Ограничение на кулер процессора 170 мм
Ограничение блока питания Unlimited
Чистый вес 8,66kg
Размеры 211 мм (Ш) x 496 мм (В) x 494,5 мм (Г), 51.8 литров
Дополнительно В комплекте один CP05 для одного подключаемого в горячем режиме жесткого диска SATA, можно купить дополнительный CP05.

To enable SATA hot-swap function, you must have the following:

  1. Install SATA hard drive into drive holder with CP05
  2. Use motherboard or SATA card with AHCI function
  3. Enable AHCI function(please refer to your motherboard or SATA card manual)
  4. When installing OS(Windows XP SP2 or Vista), SATA drivers should be pre-loaded


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FT01 Manual v1.0 2,984 KB
FT01 High resolution photos 14,955 KB

CP05-SAS Convenient hot-swap SAS / SATA 6G connector. Ещё...
CP07 Кабель SATA III с нецарапающим механизмом блокировки и разъемом на 180° Ещё...
FP55 Use FP55 to support one 3.5" and two 2.5" devices in a 5.25" drive bay. Ещё...
FP58 5.25” drive bay for slot-loading slim optical drive and four 2.5” drives Ещё...
AP182 Equip your SG09 with AP182 for crazy airflow. Ещё...
AR07 Улучшенный радиатор с технологией прямого контакта тепловых трубок (HDC) Ещё...
HE01 Twin tower cooler for maximum cooling performance. Ещё...
HE02 The ultimate heatsink with flexibility in nearly all applications. Ещё...
Please refer to the FT01 180mm fan removal guide

180mm fan removal purposes:
- Upgrade original 180mm fan or for maintenance and replacement
- To gain access to the fan filter for the top mounted 180mm fan

1.Remove two screws located on the front 180mm fan bracket

2.Remove fan bracket

3.As shown in the photo, mounting holes circled in red are for 180mm fan while ones circled in blue are for 120mm fan

4.Place the case upside-down to facilitate in the removal of the first screw holding the top fan bracket

5.The second screw of the top fan bracket can be removed from behind the motherboard tray

6.The entire fan bracket assembly including the fan filter can now be removed by pulling it toward the front of the case
Please refer to the hard drive bracket removal guide
Hard drive bracket removal is optional for enabling more room for extra long expansion cards or when there are less than four hard drives installed.

From the case’s right side, remove the four screws holding the top hard drive bracket assembly

2. Then pull the top hard drive bracket assembly out from the left side

3. There are four screws for the lower hard drive bracket assembly that can be removed

4. Then pull out all hard drive racks from the lower hard drive bracket

5. With the racks removed, two screws holding the lower hard drive bracket to the bottom of the case can now be accessed and removed as well

6. The lower hard drive bracket can now be pulled out

Currently more advanced motherboards come with either manual or automatic fan control. Under these circumstances, when the CPU temperature is low, the motherboard can lower fan voltage output to slow the connected fans down; thereby lowering the fan noise.
The fans included in the FT01, especially the 180mm fans located on top and the front, are designed for very low noise even at full speed. The 180mm fans are rated at 700rpm maximum and have sound frequency far lower than most fans, making them practically unnoticeable in normal usage. However, due to their increased size and weight, coupled with lower maximum speed, they require higher average voltage to start than smaller fans.
If the 180mm fans in your FT01 are connected to the motherboard fan headers and are having trouble starting or spinning consistently, we recommend turning off or disabling fan voltage control (whether manual or automatic) in the motherboard BIOS options. The FT01’s highly optimized cooling performance may result in the motherboard sensing lower temperature and supplying lower fan voltage through its fan headers.
  1. Please unscrew the screws in the back panel as shown and remove both side panels.

  2. Please unscrews the screws in the side panel and take off the front bracket.

  3. Please unscrew the screws from inside the drive bay as shown.

  4. Finally you can take off the 5.25” plastic drive holder as shown.
Before you turn on the PC please make sure the power connector from your system hard drive is isolated from the power connector connected to the hard drive you wish to hot-swap. Both connectors should be on different cables from the power supply.
  1. This is the correct IDE/SATA power connector configuration. Please refer the picture as shown. (A is your system hard drive, B is your hot-swap hard drive)
  2. This is the incorrect IDE/SATA power connector configuration where both drives are being powered by the same cable from the power supply.
This configuration affects all products with hot-swappable features including: KL series, FT series, RV series, and FP35.

Power switch and reset switch installation guide:
Please refer to the motherboard manuals for the motherboard’s “Front Panel Connector” or “System Panel Connector” pin definition. Power switch and reset switch have no polarity, so they can be connected in any orientation.

LED connector installation guide:
Please refer to the motherboard manuals for the motherboard’s “Front Panel Connector” or “System Panel Connector” pin definition.
White colored wires are negative while other colored wires are positive.
Power LED connector is designed as separate pins for compatibility with different motherboard specifications.

1. Loosen three screws located on the left-side panel to remove it gently.

2. Flip the case upside down first, then use suitable screwdriver to loosen two screws near front I/O module and detach it gently.

3. Install USB 3.0 front I/O module (part number: G11303500) and fasten two screws back gently.

4. Assemble parts back in reverse order carefully.
     Your case is now USB3 ready.