With its LC20, SilverStone once again proves that it is possible to build an enclosure for both entertainment and work. Its clean and modern front panel has two flush fitting doors to cover all the front access I/O ports and drives. So a system built with the LC20 will look great at all times even if it is not in use. With a class-leading six hard drive capacity and dual optical drive ready for Blue-ray and HD-DVD drives, this beautiful enclosure is a home theater builder and PVR enthusiast’s dream come true.

Caratteristiche speciali

  • Smooth aluminum front panel with contemporary touch
  • Next generation cooling performance
  • Outstanding potential for silent operation
  • Class-leading storage capacity with drive doors

  • Download :
  • LC20 manual

  • Specifiche

    Modello nr. SST-LC20B (Nero)
    SST-LC20S (Silver)
    SST-LC20B-M (Nero+ multimedia)
    SST-LC20S-M (Silver+ multimedia)
    SST-LC20B-M-USB3.0 (Nero+ multimedia)
    Materiale Pannello frontale in alluminio, corpo in acero de 0.8 mm
    Scheda madre Standard ATX, Micro-ATX
    Alloggiamento Esterno 5.25" x 2
    3.5" x 1
    Interno 3.5" x 6 (attutisce le vibrazioni)
    Sistema di raffreddamento Frontale 2 ventole da 92mm o 80mm de tipo slots
    Posteriore 2 ventole da 80mm
    Laterale 1 x slot della ventola da 80mm & bocchette di ventilazione per PSU
    Superiore --
    Inferiore --
    Interno --
    Slot d 7
    porte frontali d'entrata/uscita USB 2.0 x 4 (SST-LC20B, SST-LC20S, SST-LC20B-M, SST-LC20S-M only)
    USB 2.0 x 2 + USB 3.0 x 2 (SST-LC20B-M-USB3.0 only)
    IEEE1394 x 1
    audio x 1
    MIC x 1
    Alimentatore Non inclusa. standard PS2(ATX)
    Card grafiche 9.5" (remove 1 of 2 HDD Cage if you want install up to About13"~14") , width restriction-5.51"
    Limite del dissipatore della CPU 135mm
    Limitazione di PSU Unlimited
    Peso netto 7.38kg (LC20B, LC20S)
    7.63kg (LC20B-M, LC20S-M)
    Dimensioni 430 mm (L) x 170 mm (A) x 430 mm (S), 31.4 litri