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With an increasing number of mobile CPUs moving to desktop systems, SilverStone's engineers once again saw a great opportunity to create a case that would truly take advantage of this movement. The result is an amazingly slim 68mm (2.68 inches) tall enclosure that is still capable of accommodating a Micro-ATX motherboard and widely available storage components. For people who prefer to build a system that is easy on the eyes (and occasionally, out of sight) with power to do almost anything, the LC19 is the perfect choice.


  • Ultra-slim profile at 68mm tall
  • Sturdy steel chassis suitable for silent operation
  • Understated styling for any settings
  • Fanless PSU included
  • Full size 3.5 hard drive compatible
  • Available slim optical drive and expansion slot

  • Download :
  • LC19 Manual


    Model No. SST-LC19B (black)
    SST-LC19S (silver)
    SST-LC19B-R (black + card reader)
    SST-LC19S-R (silver + card reader)
    Material Aluminum front panel, 1.0mm SECC body (LC19R:0.8mm)
    Motherboard MoDT Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX, DTX
    Drive bay External Slim optical x 1
    Internal 3.5" x 1 or 2.5" x 1 (vibration dampening)( LC19R only )
    Cooling system Front --
    Rear 1 x 50mm exhaust fan, 2200rpm, 19dBA ( LC19R only )
    Side 3 x 50mm fan slots ( LC19R only )
    Top Oversized CPU/NB vents
    Bottom --
    Internal --
    Expansion slot 1 (includes 1 x PCI riser card and 1 x PCI-Ex16 riser card) for LC19R
    Front I/O port USB 2.0 x 2
    IEEE1394 x 1
    audio x 1
    MIC x 1
    52-in-1 card reader (LC19R only)
    Power supply Fanless 120W DC/DC board & AC adapter
    Expansion card width restriction-6.8"
    Limitation of CPU cooler 37mm
    Limitation of PSU DC board with external adapter
    Net weight 4.6kg (LC19B, LC19S)
    4.59kg (LC19B-R, LC19S-R)
    Dimension 390 mm (W) x 68 mm (H) x 348 mm (D), 9.2 liters
    15.35" (W) x 2.68" (H) x 13.7" (D), 9.2 liters
    Extra Slim optical drive IDE adapter

    Specifications of Power Supply
    Max.DC Output
    Load Range
      +3.3V+5V +12V+5VSB -12V-5V
    Max.(Amps) 7A7A8A2A0.2A/
    Peak(Amps) //////
    Min.(Amps) 0A0A0A0A0A/
    Range(%) ±5%±5%±5%±5%±5%/

    *MoDT motherboard recommended.
    *CPU cooler cannot exceed 37mm in height.
    *Card reader support
    Smart Media -
    SM, SSFDC, SM Ram, XD
    Compact Flash -
    CF I, CF II, Hitachi Microdrive, IBM Microdrive, Magicstor, HS-CF, Extreme CF, Extreme III CF, Ultra CF, Ultra II CF, Ultra-X CF
    Secure Digital-
    SD, HS SD, Extreme SD, Extreme III SD, Ultra SD, Ultra II SD, Ultra II SD plus, SD Elite Pro, *Mini-SD, *Micro SD, *T Flash, *C-Flash, SDHC card
    Multimedia -
    Memodery Stick -
    MS, MS Magic Gate, MS Pro, MS Pro(MG), Extreme MS Pro, Extreme III MS Pro, HS MS Pro, HS MS MG Pro, MS Select, MS Pro Ultra II, *MS Duo, *MS Duo(MG), *MS Pro Duo, *MS Pro Duo(MG), *HS MS Pro Duo, * HS MS MG Pro Duo, *MS Pro Duo Ultra II, * MS Rom