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How much performance and components can you reasonably fit in a 23 liter enclosure? That was the question SilverStone engineers asked themselves when designing the ninth edition of SilverStone’s Sugo series chassis. In a very limited space of 23 liters, which SilverStone defined as the limit for classifying a chassis as small form factor or SFF, the Sugo SG09 achieved performance never before seen for a computer chassis of this size. By slightly reducing storage capacity via relocation to motherboard backside mounting, the SG09 can accommodate two 13.3 inches (337mm) long graphic cards with handles (longest under PCI-Express specification) with cooling provided by four fan slots. Having the power supply location moved away from above the CPU area has also increased CPU cooler’s height limit to 165mm, which is sufficient for nearly all tower CPU coolers on the market.
          Designing a 23 liter chassis that can fit high-end components and cool well requires rethinking of layout that is substantially different from traditional chassis. Even experienced computer builders are recommended to take a closer look at the included instruction manual as it contains valuable information on how to build with the SG09. Although limited in space, good cable routing is still possible by using SilverStone’s PP05 short cable kit in conjunction with the mandatory cable routing design. For those looking to challenge their own PC building skills in return for a superbly packaged machine that has uncompromised performance and is portable, the Sugo SG09 is the one to get.


  • Supports graphics cards of any length
  • Supports full tower CPU coolers
  • Supports Strider Plus PSUs up to 1000W
  • Mandatory cable routing design
  • Ample fan slots for maximum airflow
  • Motherboard back plate opening behind CPU area for quick cooler assembly

  • Download :
  • SG09 manual


    Model No. SST-SG09B (Black)
    Material Plastic front panel and steel body
    Motherboard Micro-ATX, Mini-DTX, Mini-ITX
    Drive bay External 12.7mm/9.5mm slim optical drive x 1
    Internal 3.5" x 2 * , 2.5" x 4*
    Cooling system Front --
    Rear 1 x 120mm 1200rpm 22dBA
    Side Left:1 x 120mm 1200rpm 22dBA (backward compatible with 92mm) 2 x 80/92mm fan slot
    Right:80mm fan slot
    Top 180mm Air Penetrator 700/1200rpm, 18/34dBA (backward compatible with 140mm)
    Bottom --
    Internal --
    Expansion slot 4
    Front I/O port USB 3.0 x 2 (backwards compatible with USB 2.0)
    audio x 1
    MIC x 1
    Power supply Optional standard PS2(ATX) up to 180mm*
    Expansion card Compatible up to 13.3" (337mm) long, width restriction-5.70" (144mm)
    Limitation of CPU cooler 165mm
    Limitation of PSU 180mm
    Net weight 5.3 kg
    Dimension 220 mm (W) x 295 mm (H) x 354 mm (D), 23 liters
    8.66" (W) x 11.61" (H) x 13.94" (D), 23 liters
    Extra support two Kensington locks

    * If you intend to utilize all hard drive slots, please remove all unused power supply cables.
       These unused cables may cause problem with the installation. SSDs are highly recommended in place of hard drives.

    * Maximum length for PSU is 180mm, we recommend 160mm due to varying connector locations on PSUs and the unique structure of SG09.
       We do not promise that all retail PSUs on the market can be installed in the SG09. Please refer the guides provided in this manual to select your PSU.