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As SilverStone engineers started working on the third model for the Fortress series, they had contemplated on the future of computer chassis and ways to improve it for home/office integration. So the Fortress FT03’s design goal was to simply give back as much user space as possible by reducing chassis depth to unprecedented level. The engineers also wanted to accomplish the change in design without compromises to the chassis’s ability in accommodating upper mainstream components. Traditional computer chassis designs take up desktop room by not only their physical footprint, but they also require additional space for cable connections. With the FT03, there are no such restrictions because its beautiful, 2.5mm thick, sand-blasted and anodized aluminum outer shells have no cable connectors to be found on all four sides, which frees up tremendous amount of desktop real estate for its users.

The interior of the chassis utilizes SilverStone’s unique stack effect cooling layout so a Micro-ATX motherboard is mounted in 90 degree rotation to take advantage of hot air’s natural tendency to rise. This design also enables the FT03 to support graphics cards that are as long as 13.7 inches without the chassis taking up similar room depth-wise. In addition, the chassis also supports three 3.5” hard drives with one capable of hot-swapping function and one 2.5” drive bay for excellent storage flexibility.

For a chassis that may redefine a new design direction for the desktop computer with its revolutionary new proportion and usage model, the Fortress FT03 is simply perfect for anyone looking to build a striking yet fully functional and discreet system.


  • Super small footprint design with no cables on four sides
  • Stack effect layout with 90 degree motherboard mounting
  • Supports graphics cards of any length
  • Supports full tower CPU coolers
  • Mandatory cable routing design
  • Includes hot-swap bay for quick data storage needs
  • Backside hard drive mounting with passive cooling for silence

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  • FT03 Manual


    Model No. SST-FT03B (black)
    SST-FT03S (silver)
    SST-FT03T (titanium)
    Material Aluminum outer shell, steel body
    Motherboard Micro-ATX, Mini-DTX, Mini-ITX
    Drive bay External Slot loading slim optical drive x 1
    Internal 3.5" x 3 * , 2.5" x1
    Cooling system Front --
    Rear --
    Side --
    Top 1 x 120mm exhaust fan, 1200rpm, 22dBA
    1 x 92/80mm optional fan
    Bottom 2 x 120mm intake fans, 1200rpm 22dBA
    2 x 80mm optional fan slots
    Internal --
    Radiator support Front N/A
    Rear N/A
    Top 120mm x 1
    Bottom N/A
    Expansion slot 4
    Front I/O port USB 3.0 x 2 (backwards compatible with USB 2.0)
    audio x 1
    MIC x 1
    Power supply Standard PS2(ATX)
    Expansion card Compatible up to 13.77" (349mm) long, width restriction-6.77" (171mm)
    Limitation of CPU cooler 167mm
    Limitation of PSU up to 180mm deep
    Net weight 6.7kg
    Dimension 235mm(W)x487mm(H)x284mm(D), 32.5 liters
    9.25" (W) x 19.17" (H) x 11.18" (D), 32.5 liters