This is a good open box look at a venerable GD07 case....more
Size is a major design factor for a media center style PC case. These cases are horizontal so that they don't look ...more
In last spring Silverstone published two HTPC cases to Grandia series. The cases' model names are GD07 and GD08 and their most important features are extensibility, ...more
Ganz schön große Klappe! Was aber passt in das Grandia GD07 von Silverstone wirklich rein und wo liegen die Grenzen für einen HTPC, der auch zum Spielen geeignet sein soll? Wir machen den Test und suchen im (Semi-) Passivbetrieb das maximal Machbare....more
Les boitiers au format desktop sont de retour à la Ferme, avec un habitué dans le domaine : SilverStone. C'est le Grandia GD07 qui ouvre le bal, avec sa balle porte en aluminium brossé, mais ...more
Today we’re taking a look at the GD07 Home Theatre PC from Silverstone, the latest revision of their popular HTPC range that allows you a slick and stylish solution to installing a full PC under your TV for use as a media centre and more....more