Buenas a todos!, en esta entrada del blog os contaré todos los detalles de la construcción del El MiniPowaDKpc, ...more
The SilverStone Petit PT13 is the case manufacturer's smallest mini-ITX chassis with a volume of just 1.4 liters....more
Do you desire to cram a x86 computer in a case that takes up less than 1.5 liters of space?...more
PC에 관심이 있는 유저라면, 데스크탑 PC 시장이 이전보다 확실히 줄어들었다는 것을 체감하고 계실텐데요....more
When it comes to small form factor PC chassis Silverstone is a dominating force in the market, they have a huge range of small form factor PC cases and even when you’re looking at mATX and mini-ITX chassis products,...more
Mini-ITX systemen zijn inmiddels een hot topic te noemen, ze doen voor veel builds niet meer onder voor hun flink grotere broers,...more