• Remote control light color, light mode and fan speed
  • Remote start or turn off PC
  • Automatically detect temperature changes to adjust LED color and fan speed
  • Six port Addressable RGB LED device connectors
  • Four port for 4pin or 3pin fan connectors
Product Specifications
Model No.
Plastic outer shell
Included Parts
Standard Addressable RGB 3pin cable x 6

Peripheral power Y cable x 1

RF remote x 1

Thermal sensor cable x 1

Power switch cable x 1
Signal output
SilverStone Addressable RGB 3pin port x 6 ***

Fan 4pin port x 4 (compatible with 3pin)
Output limitation (each port)
Addressable RGB port: 72 LED per port, total 5V, 5A

Fan Port : total 12V, 3A
Color Selection
Support 2812 IC Addressable RGB LED
65mm (W) x 23mm (H) x 109mm (D)
Net weight
* Please refer to manual for detailed installation guide.
** Be sure to turn off power before switching signal input switch or install / remove LED strip.
*** Control box’s connectors are proprietary SilverStone custom connectors and are not compatible directly with other Addressable RGB strip’s 3pin connectors. Please used included adapter cables for connection.
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