• Support wireless charging (for Qi enabled devices)
  • Allow wireless charging and USB port charging simultaneously
  • Intelligent protection system
  • Compact design
Product Specifications
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Q & A
Please make sure external power source is rated to at least 5A/1V to avoid malfunction or abnormally slow charging speed.
Please do not use next to fire or soak in water.
When the power bank is charging its own battery, please do not use it to charge other devices at the same time.
Power bank’s power current delivery speed is dependent on mobile device’s own current delivery speed.
1. Power bank has detected foreign metal object on its wireless charging area, please remove it.
2. Power bank has detected lower than usual charging efficiency, please adjust the mobile device’s position or change its wireless charging receiver.
When charging wirelessly, the mobile device can get warm, this is normal. Please pay close attention to the quality of add-on wireless charging receivers as they can produce varying degree of charging efficiency, speed, and temperature. We recommend using only the original receiver built-in or included with the mobile device.
1. Please make sure to verify the location of your mobile device’s wireless charging receiving area and align it sit in the middle of power bank’s wireless charging area.
2. Please check to make sure the power bank is turned on and has sufficient power left in the battery.