• Sophisticated fan control logic
  • Wide temperature range
  • Beautiful sapphire neon LCD
  • Aluminum bezels and polished buttons
Product Specifications
Black, Silver
Aluminum front panel, steel sides
LCD Display
Temperature, fan speed, alarm clock, time, system status
Cooling system
Dual air intake mesh
5.25" drive bay
Temp. Range
0 ~100°C
Fan Output
0V, 6 ~ 12V
Cable length
158 mm (W) x 42 mm (H) x 85 mm (D)
Net weight
Maximum output for one channel – 0.8amp (9.6W)
Maximum combined output for all three channels – 1.5amp (18W)
File Download
描述 Version File Size 下載
File Size
1.27 MB
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Q & A
In general use, the data will be fully written to the hard drive, so no data would be lost. The Mirror backup process will not write data to the hard drive, thus eliminating the chance of data loss. Even if SSD wears out or HDDBOOST’s controller malfunctions, the original hard drive can still be used to boot the system normally.
HDDBOOST will carry out the action of mirror backup right after the initial installation. This action will copy the front-end data of the original system hard drive to the SSD sequentially (assuming that the capacity of SSD is smaller than HDD.).

After the initial mirroring of data is completed, SSD and HDD will have the same front -end data. HDDBOOST’s controller chip will then set data read priority to SSD to take advantage of SSD’s much faster read speed. HDDBOOST’s priority will be determined by the following rules:

1.When data is present on both drives, read from SSD.
2.When data is not present on both drives, read from HDD.
3.Data will only be written to HDD.

Every time the system starts, HDDBOOST will initiate mirror backup automatically to ensure front-end data between the two drives are the same.