• Ultra thin cable design for use on any motherboard
  • High quality construction for top speed and reliability
  • Super low-profile connectors

Product Specifications
Model No.
SST-CP11 (blue cable, 300mm)

SST-CP11B-300 (black cable, 300mm)

SST-CP11B-500 (black cable, 500mm)
Black connector, blue cable (CP11)
Black connector, black cable (CP11B)
300mm / 500mm
Lateral 90° angled SATA connector
Transmitting Speed
File Download
CP11 High resolution photos
Product Reviews
Q & A
Folding a SATA cable is generally forbidden. The CP11 has a thinner shielding which allows it to be routed through any gaps.
Folding a SATA cable like this may damage the cable.

We recommend letting the cables bend or curve naturally and tie them in bunch.

In situations when multiple CP11 are installed side by side, the cables near the connecter could be folded. This won’t damage the cables.
CP11’s connector is designed to be as low-profile as possible to fit under the graphics card so it could be difficult to remove by hands.

We recommend using tools such as needle-nose pliers to unplug CP11 from the socket by clamping its connector.

Please don’t pull CP11 out by force. This may damage CP11’s cable.