RV04 Introduction
Since its debut in 2008, the RAVEN series has been synonymous with excellent cooling and unconventional designs. For the RAVEN RV04, the engineers were tasked with the goal of producing a design that utilizes a more traditional layout to match the performance of its 90 degree motherboard mounted predecessors. Inspiration was drawn from the highly successful Temjin TJ08-E, a Micro-ATX case with compact dimensions and best in class cooling performance, so the motherboard and the fans in the RV04 are mounted in similar fashion to obtain equally impressive performance in ATX form factor while allowing for excellent cable management.

Although smaller in volume compared to the benchmark RAVEN RV02 and with one less intake fan, the RV04 can actually accommodate more drives and still achieve the same level of cooling performance. This feat is the result of years of R&D on chassis thermal performance, fan design, and filters which contributed to RV04’s unrestricted airflow design and the development of HiFlow fan filters. Other nifty features such as CPU and graphic card supporter, removable motherboard tray, and externally accessible fan filter assembly are also included to facilitate assembly and maintenance. The exterior of RV04 utilizes the latest SilverStone design language with a one-piece like outer shell that creates a powerful presence on any desktop setting. Small details also adorn the exterior such as feather-like top elements that act as independent airflow channel for the PSU. For a chassis that started out with a front-to-back airflow design, the RAVEN RV04 has truly redefined tradition.

  • Beautiful flowing design with one-piece front door
  • Two Air Penetrator AP181 fans included for great performance and quietness
  • Removable motherboard tray and top panel
  • Quick access filters with HiFlow Technology to prevent dust buildup
  • Unrestricted airflow design minimizes noise and maximizes fan performance
  • Convenient routing pathways for excellent cable management
  • Adjustable holder for large CPU coolers and graphic cards
  • Independent airflow channel for power supply with dedicated PSU filter
  • Accommodates up to seven 3.5” hard drives and four 2.5” SSDs

    RV04 Feature list
    Beautiful flowing one-piece front door with power and reset button
    Side mounted USB 3.0 and I/O ports
    Dual 180mm Air Penetrator AP181 intake fan included with speed switch
    Quick access filters with HiFlow Technology
    Removable 3.5" hard drive cage for up to five drives
    Dual hard drive bay with hot-swap capability
    Removable fan filter for power supply intake area
    Independent power supply compartment
    Adjustable graphic card support
    Removable motherboard tray supports Extended ATX motherboards
    Oversized motherboard tray cut-out for CPU cooler backplates
    Innovative, adjustable CPU cooler support

    RV04 Specifications
    Model No.
    SST-RV04B (black)
    SST-RV04B-W (black + window)
    Reinforced plastic outer shell, steel body
    SSI-EEB*, SSI-CEB, Extended ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX
    Drive Bay
    5.25" x 2
    3.5" x 7 (2 hot-swap) , 2.5” x 4
    Cooling System
    2 x Air Penetrator AP181 180mm intake fan 600/900/1200rpm, 18/25/34dBA
    1 x 120mm fan slot (option)
    Expansion Slot
    Front I/O Port
    USB 3.0 x 2
    audio x 1
    MIC x 1
    Power Supply
    1 x optional standard PS2(ATX)
    Expansion Card
    Compatible up to 13.3” long, width restriction-6.69"
    Limitation of CPU cooler
    Limitation of PSU
    Net Weight
    10.9 kg
    219mm (W) x 581mm (H) x 497mm (D), 63.2
    Support two Kensington locks
    *The main 3.5" drive cage may need to be removed when installing dual CPU motherboard.

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