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To alleviate the increasing trend of higher fan noise, we created an award-winning smart fan controller that doubles as a system monitor and an alarm clock. After a brief setup, the FP52 will take control of your most important fans so there are no constant user interventions or monitoring needed as fans change speeds by themselves based on temperature. Coupled with a smoothly finished aluminum bezel, the FP52 is truly the intelligent choice for both seeking performance and style.

  • Sophisticated fan control logic
  • Wide temperature range
  • Beautiful sapphire neon LCD
  • Aluminum bezels and polished buttons

Black, Silver
Aluminum front panel, steel sides
Cooling system
Dual air intake mesh
5.25" drive bay
Cable Length
Fan Output
0V, 6 ~ 12V
LCD Display
Temperature, fan speed, alarm clock, time, system status
Temp. Range
0 ~100°C
Net Weight
158 mm (W) x 42 mm (H) x 85 mm (D)

Maximum output for one channel – 0.8amp (9.6W)
Maximum combined output for all three channels – 1.5amp (18W)
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Installation Guide
563 KB

  • Q. What is the maximum fan voltage draw that each of the fan connectors can support?
    A: Maximum output for one channel ¡V0.8amp
    Maximum output for all three channels ¡V1.5amp
    So you can have for example, 0.8amp on first, 0.3amp on second, and 0.4amp on third channel. But you can't have 0.8amp on all three channels at the same time.
  • Q. I want to use the FP52 with 4pin fans, how do I connect them?
    A: The FP52 accepts only fans powered by 3pin connectors so you will need to use a 4pin to 3pin adapter for your 4pin fans.
  • Q. The FP52 beeps non-stop and my temperatures are below the preset alarm value, what is going on?
    A: Please make sure all the connections to FP52 are correct and double check your temperature settings again. There are three temperature values (CPU, SYS, HDD), if any of them are exceeded, the alarm will sound.
  • Q. I have checked all the connections and values set, the beeps still continues non-stop. What should I do?
    A: Your FP52 maybe defective. Please contact the SilverStone office closest to you for information on how you can obtain a replacement unit:
  • Q. Every time I turn off and on my system the date and my saved settings are lost.
    A: Please check to see if the battery for the FP52 is properly seated in its slot. If it is, then the battery may need to be replaced. The FP52 uses "CR2032" sized lithium battery that is readily available in most electronics store.

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