Kublai 시리즈     KL04

■ Incredible ten 3.5” hard drive capacity

■ Flexible multi 2.5” drive slots

■ Beautiful SilverStone-styled front panel free of venting holes

■ Positive pressure design for effective dust reduction

■ Motherboard back plate opening for quick CPU cooler assembly

■ Supports eight expansion slots cards up to 17 inches long

■ Quick access and removal for fan filters

■ Smart backside cable routing design

         When the first Kublai series chassis was introduced in 2007, it had innovative storage design that was ahead of its time. For the Kublai KL04, SilverStone engineers again looked to raise the bar with a design that can accommodate four 5.25” drive bays, nine 3.5” hard drives, and up to six 2.5” SSDs. This astonishing amount of storage capacity for a mid-tower chassis is unprecedented and comes with no compromise to compatibility. Expansion cards or graphics cards up to 17 inches long can be installed without the need to remove hard drive cage and even with all hard drive bays filled, cards up to 12.8 inches can still be used. To cope with densely packed hard drive bays, repeated thermal tests and revisions were made to come up with an airflow layout that is capable of handling all hard drives installed without negatively affecting the rest of the system. The right front positioning of the intake fans also helps to divert noise from leaking out directly to the front of the chassis. For 2.5” SSD or HDD mountings, the KL04 has specially designed cages that can be mounted in two locations depending on user needs. If you are looking for a chassis with server-like room for expansion but only limited footprint for a mid-tower, the KL04 is the choice.

모델 번호 SST-KL04B (블랙)
SST-KL04B-W(블랙 + 윈도우)
재질 고강도 플라스틱 프론트 패널, 과 스틸 바디
메인보드 SSI-CEB, ATX (up to 12” x 10.9”), Micro-ATX
드라이브 베이 외부 5.25" x 4
3.5" x 1 (HDD와 호환)
내부 3.5" x 9 (옵선으로 3.5” HDD 8개 지원+ 2.5” x 1), 2.5” x 6
냉각 시스템 전면 --
후면 1 x 120mm 배기팬, 1200rpm, 21dBA
측면 Right:1 x 120mm 흡기팬, 1200rpm, 21dBA
Right:1 x 120mm 팬슬롯(optional)
상단 1 x 120mm 흡기팬, 1200rpm, 21dBA
1 x 120mm or 140mm팬슬롯(optional)
하단 1 x 120mm 팬슬롯(optional)
내부 --
라디에이터 지원 전면 N/A
후면 120mm x 1
상부 120mm x 1 / 240mm x 1
하단 N/A
확장 슬롯 8
전면 I/O 포트 USB 3.0 x 2 (backwards compatible with USB 2.0)
오디오 x 1
마이크 x 1
전원 공급장치 PS2(ATX) 파워 x 1 *1
확장 카드 17” (43.18cm) 그래픽 카드 지원가능 *2, width restriction-6.14"
CPU 쿨러의 한계 168mm
PSU의 한계 Unlimited *1
순 중량 8.2kg
치수 214mm(W) x 489mm(H) x 499mm(D), 52.2 리터, 52.2 리터
예비 켄싱턴 락 지원

*1 – 만약, 하부 팬 혹은 2.5” SSD가 장착되어 있다면 PSU의 최대 깊이는 180mm(추가 케이블 공간이 필요할 경우 160mm) 이외에는 다른 깊이의 제약이 없습니다.
*2 –만약, 하드디스크가 카드 앞쪽에 설치되어 있을 경우 확장카드의 길이는 12.8”(32.5cm)로 제한됩니다.

Four-in-one SATA power connectors with power stabilizing capacitors 추가 정보...
SATA III cable with non-scratch locking mechanism and 90° connector 추가 정보...
Premium 3.5" front bay card reader with SDXC and USB 3.0 support 추가 정보...
Use FP55 to support one 3.5" and two 2.5" devices in a 5.25" drive bay. 추가 정보...
Equip your KL04 with AP121 for amazing cooling performance. 추가 정보...
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A:The KL04 has a unique 5cm spacing designed between the drive cage and the intake fan, which enables cool air to flow directly onto installed hard drive’s aluminum surface. This design has been validated by SilverStone’s R&D team through repeated thermal testing to be fully capable in coping with fully installed cage. The extra 5cm spacing also allows KL04’s graphics card cooling to be unaffected by the number of hard drives installed.

A:The hard drive fan and hard drive noises can leak out through the right intake vents so we recommend placing your PC to your right side to turn away the noise source.

A:The extra space there is designed for cable storage. If you are using a non-modular power supply, you can store extra cables there. Even if you use modular power supply, you can still store unused cables in the extra space to avoid misplacing them.

A:You may install the radiator where the top fan is located. Since installing the radiator there will interfere with a large CPU air cooler, the radiator must be used for CPU cooling.

A:This is to avoid hard drive’s connected SATA cables interfering with long graphics cards.