Nitrogon Series     NT07-775

■ Supports Intel LGA775 45nm Core 2 Duo processors

■ Designed for low profile systems at only 37mm tall

■ Large, custom 90mm fan for excellent cooling and low noise

■ Copper center and base with extruded aluminum fins

■ Easy to install

         The Nitrogon NT07-775 is a CPU cooler designed for slim profile systems utilizing 45nm Intel Core 2 Duo processors. With an overall height of only 37mm, its compact dimension consists of fast heat-absorbing copper center and radiant styled aluminum fins for quick heat dissipation. Equipped with a custom designed small hub, 9-bladed 90mm fan, the Nitrogon NT07-775 has unusually high thermal performance for a cooler of its size while being low noise. For small enclosures such as the ultra-thin SilverStone LC19 and ML02 chassis or other special applications requiring the use of LGA775 CPUs, the NT07-775 is a perfect solution.

Model No. SST-NT07-775
Material Copper center, Extruded aluminum fins
Application Intel Socket775 45 nm :
Core 2 DUO E8000/E7000 series
Pentium Dual-Core E5000 series
Celeron D 400 Celeron E1000 series
Cooling fan 90mm cooling fan
Dimension w/fan 93mm (W) x 36.5mm (H) x 93mm (D)
Thermal Resistance 0.35(°C/W)
Fan speed 1200~1800rpm ± 10%
Max air pressure 0.5~1.58mmH2O
Max airflow 12~23CFM
Noise 15~23dBA
Net Weight 310g

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